MNE software for analyzing and visualizing M/EEG data

Credit: Dr. Kasia Jaworska, Glasgow 2019 MNE Workshop

MNE-Python is the Python open source toolbox for processing and visualizing MEG and EEG data.

My work in neuroscience and medicine heavily draws on my longstanding activity as core-contributor to the MNE community.

Code contributions

I have been core contributor since 2012. My contributions incldue user-interfaces and functionality for reading and writing M/EEG data, preprocessing, source localization, visualization, statistical analysis and reporting. I have been for many years among the top contributors of the MNE-Python code-base.

Other major code contributions to the MNE-ecosystem include diverse satellite projects such as mne-hcp for fast access to the Human Connectome Project MEG data (founder), mne-r for fast access to MNE objects through the R language (founder) and autoreject (co-founder) for automated cleaning of EEG and MEG data.


Other than ad-hoc reviewing of code contributions to MNE-Python, I have been mentor for Google Summer of Code since 2013.

Training workshops, public dissemination and community work

Since 2013, I have been delivering international training workshops on the MNE software and M/EEG analysis with Python.

I am also managing the MNE twitter account and provide regular user support on the MNE mailing list.

Research Scientist, Principal Investigator

I study brain function with neurophysiology and computational statistics