Population modeling with machine learning can enhance measures of mental health

Would you like to know more about the background and context of this work? Please consider the Q/A with me published in this blog by Hans Zauner for GigaScience. You may also be interested in this press-release.

Interactive Psychometrics for Autism With the Human Dynamic Clamp: Interpersonal Synchrony From Sensorimotor to Sociocognitive Domains

For summary of the main findings check-out this Twitter thread: 🎄🎅 Pleased to introduce "Interactive Psychometrics" in a new paper, the first application of the Human Dynamic Clamp to #Autism https://t.

Propofol Requirement and EEG Alpha Band Power During General Anesthesia Provide Complementary Views on Preoperative Cognitive Decline

For summary of the main findings check-out this Twitter thread: New paper out led by @cyriltrd & @J_Cartailler https://t.co/i9EXVohs1d - joint work with Fabrice Vallée @EtienneGayat & U942 team @HopLariboisiere. We explored propofol requirement & age for studying pre-operative cognitive decline with intraoperative EEG.

Uncovering the structure of clinical EEG signals with self-supervised learning

Inference and Prediction Diverge in Biomedicine

Combining magnetoencephalography with MRI enhances learning of surrogate-biomarkers

For a plain English summary, consider the eLife digest by Helena Perez Valle. To get an overview on the paper, consider this Twitter thread: I am very excited to share our latest work published in @eLife!

Predictive regression modeling with MEG/EEG: from source power to signals and cognitive states

For a high-level presentation of the main findings check-out our OHBM 2020 Poster. Or visit this Twitter thread: Excited to share our paper @NeuroImage_EiC by @DavSabbagh with @PierreAblin @GaelVaroquaux @agramfort https://t.

Combined behavioral and electrophysiological evidence for a direct cortical effect of prefrontal tDCS on disorders of consciousness

Emergence of β and γ networks following multisensory training

Robust EEG-based cross-site and cross-protocol classification of states of consciousness

For a discussion of the neurophysiologicla implications, please consider the companion article by Rodika Sokoliuk and Damian Cruse Should you have no time to read the paper, this Twitter thread gives you the gist: