Denis A. Engemann

Research in Psychology, Neurophysiology, Data Science

Research Scientist, Principal Investigator

Parietal, INRIA Saclay

About me

I am an experimental psychologist by training and work as research scientist at (INRIA). One of my big questions is: How can we improve clinical practice in neurology and psychiatry? With my team, we address this question by bringing research in computer science and neuroscience into medical applications. Over the past seven years, I have specialized in large-scale data analysis and predictive modeling with brain data i.e., electroencephalography (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Most of my work can be described using three dimensions: (i) empirically derived proxy measures of brain health and mental health, (ii) statistical methods and algorithms for analyzing brain data at the population scale, (iii) open source tools for analyzing neural time series.

For an overview of my current research please consider my latest recorded talks e.g. my lecture at The Neuro.


  • Cognition, brain function and diseases
  • Biomarker development
  • Computational methods for non-invasive neurophysiology


  • PhD in Psychology, 2015

    University of Cologne, Germany

  • Diploma in Psychology, 2010

    University of Gießen, Germany

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Combining magnetic resonance imaging and magnetoencephalography enhances modeling of brain age
Challenges of building clinical biomarkers from M/EEG: multimodal modeling with missing data and robust regression on power spectra
Analysis of MEG/EEG with MNE-Python
Large-scale analysis of electrophysiology data in cognitive neurology.
Analyzing EEG and MEG in Python and MNE

Recent Publications

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Automated processing of M/EEG

Automated processing of M/EEG

Tools for large-scale analysis

MNE software for analyzing and visualizing M/EEG data

MNE software for analyzing and visualizing M/EEG data

Coding, mentoring and dissemination for the MNE project.

Tackling disorders of consciousness with Cognitive Neuroscience, EEG and Machine Learning

Tackling disorders of consciousness with Cognitive Neuroscience, EEG and Machine Learning

Supplementing diagnosis in disorders of consciousnes with EEG and ML



Research Scientist

INRIA Saclay / Neurospin (Parietal)

Jan 2017 – Present France
Principal investigator


Neurospin (Unicog) & ICM (Picnic)

Apr 2014 – Dec 2016 France
Postdoc in clinical neuroscience

PhD student

Jülich Research Center (INM-3) & University of Cologne

Nov 2010 – Mar 2014 Germany
PhD student in cognitive social neuroscience

Diploma student, intern (Tomasello lab)

Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Sep 2007 – Jan 2009 Germany
Intern & diploma thesis in developmental social cognition